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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wintry Mix?

Two days ago, the campus here was all abuzz with talk about snow/sleet/ice and this interesting little thing called a “wintry mix.”

When I first heard that term I told my friend Courtney that it sounded like some sort of dance or event to go to!

Seriously though, doesn’t “wintry mix,” sound WAY more beautiful than it really is?!

Right. So the campus kept talking about the ice that was coming and I was having a really hard time with this. I knew that it wasn’t going to fall all in one sheet of ice {no duh, right?} And I had just seen my first real snow, so I had a concept for how snowflakes fell, but I just could not reconcile the two to get an idea with what sleet was going to be like!

I was semi astonished when we walked outside after a seminar and had the teeny tiniest little hail stones {like the size of a pin head, or smaller,} falling from the sky!

I know that isn’t really revolutionary information to most of you guys, but to me, I was just shocked out of my socks with this experience.

Did I mention that we got 18-22 inches of snow last Saturday, and they are calling for another 14-20 inches of snow this weekend? Wow, we had such a great time in it and I can’t wait to play again!


Emily said...

You've just freaked this Florida native out, Britt! I didn't know what an ice storm was like before you wrote about it! The playing in the snow part sounds fun- but the walking from class to class in ice- not so much! Just don't slip on the ice!

Lauren said...

You totally make me is wintry mixing here as well & I'm kind of annoyed by the whole thing. ;o) Hope you enjoy your snow!

Crystal said...

Hi! just stumbled upon your blog. Its super cute! So bright and refreshing!

Elizabeth said...

OH what winter brings! :-)

* said...

I am right there with you, girl! They are about to call off school for tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers! Go out and buy some non slip shoes :)

M said...

Oh gosh! It is in the 70s here. I do agree that it does sound more pleasant when you put it that way! :)

Jessica said...

Oh, to live in Florida and to have never heard of or experienced a "wintry mix." lol...I'm a little jealous, because I hear this term at least once a week ;-) I bet it's really exciting to be experiencing this all for the first time, though! Have fun playing in the snow ;-)

Kristin @ the Waiting Game said...

You are hilarious! Yes, "wintry mix" does sound like a dance or something!

Callie Nicole said...

All this snow out there! I wish it would snow here - we're dry as a bone right now.